Our mission is to support Kolter’s teachers and administration so they can create the best possible academic and social experience for our children. Kolter is a premier Houston ISD elementary school and foreign language magnet.

With Covid, this year will look different. But PTO will try to help teachers and families navigate this unknown territory, and most of all, stay connected. Having overcome Hurricane Harvey, our community is known for its perseverance, and we will do it again through this pandemic. We are strong and our community doesn’t just pull through, we thrive. To echo our Principal Julie Dickinson, PTO will do its best to keep this year feeling as “Kolterish” as possible!


Kolter Elementary PTO
Kolter Elementary PTO
Who's camping tomorrow night?? 🙋💁🏽‍♀️🙋🏿‍♂️🙋🏻🙋🏼‍♀️

Who's not sure about this event and needs to know more? Circle up for a little Friday afternoon story* ...

Once upon a time in a land called Meyer, there was an awesome dad named Steve who loved all things scouting and camping and Kolter. Steve said, "hey PTO-ers, I think we could have a cool event for Kolter families on our big, grassy, fenced-in Kolter property; I'll handle logistics and you guys handle marketing" and the very first Kolter Campout was born. There was minimum good sleep gotten but maximum fun had + memories made. This occurred for a couple of blissful years. Then there was this crabby old flood that came through and wrecked our spot, so Steve the Scout said "never fear!" and he borrowed a new spot for the next couple of years. Then there was this crabby old pandemic that came through and wrecked all social events for what seemed like eternity (but was really just a couple years), but Steve the Scout (who might have a record for Longest Reigning Kolter Dad between his three kiddos) has persevered! The Kolter Campout is BAAAAAACCCCCK!

(*details in this story may or may not have been fictionalized as a result of the old age and questionable memory of the storyteller)

Seriously though, friends -- this event promises a great time and so many great memories for the kids. If you plan to attend, please register by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, even if you don’t plan to spend the night. Register at kolterpto.com; $10 per family.

And if you have questions (despite that extremely informative story) -- just ask us! Post in the comments below, tag your friends who you need to borrow an air-mattress from, etc!
Kolter Elementary PTO
Kolter Elementary PTO
Just a reminder that this Saturday, May 14, is the Kolter Camp Out. The camp out is a fun Kolter community tradition, where Kolter families can sleep out under the stars on campus!

Here are the details:

-The gate will open at 3pm for set up. Bring a tent, sleeping bags, flashlights and whatever else you think you might need to make it through the night.

-Several vendors from the Braeswood Farmers Market will come around 6pm for people to purchase dinner.

-After dinner there will be a movie (most likely Encanto).

-The building will be open for restroom access.

-Donuts will be provided for breakfast in the morning.

Visit https://kolterpto.com/ to register. The registration fee is $10 per family.

If you are hesitant to spend the night just come for dinner and the movie, but please still register.

As a reminder because the event is held on HISD property - no animals, alcohol, or camp fires are allowed.

If you have further questions please contact dadsclub@kolterpto.com.

Hope to see you there!