Sixty years in the making: Kolter’s strong, tight-knit community!

When we looked over newspaper articles and old photos while preparing for Kolter’s 60th anniversary, we were struck by a running theme of a deep-rooted community. A community that supports one another like family, and faces challenges with grace and strength. A community that is resilient and proud, with a long history of support and involvement. While the devastation of Hurricane Harvey brought our school community together in ways we never would have imagined, we found that our “We’re All In This Together” motto has been the sentiment since Kolter first began. From neighbors taking in children seeking shelter from a fire at Kolter to serving the community with Kolter’s garden, the love and values at Kolter have always shined through. Over the last 60 years, the Kolter community time and time again has shown our children what it means to be “A Cougar Who Cares.”

Below are some of the inspiring stories of Kolter’s community we wanted to share. Here’s to 60 more wonderful years, Kolter!

Jennie Katharine Kolter

In 1959, Jennie Katharine Kolter was a teacher at Poe Elementary. Her heroic act saved children’s lives. We are proud our school is named after her and hope to preserve her legacy. See photos of Kolter when it first opened and its first students. See More

Kolter’s Fire

When two Kolter classrooms caught fire in 1969, students sought shelter from icy rain in neighbors’ homes. Read the newspaper article on the event and even a thank you letter from a student to the fire fighters. See More

Kolter’s Magnet Program

Kolter’s foreign language and culture magnet program began in 1985. We are grateful to have such a varied program and cherish the incorporation of language and culture in our curriculum. Read more details and see photos! See More

The Grassroom

Seventeen years ago, the Kolter community came together to create an award-winning outdoor space, where students learned beyond classroom walls and explored the natural world around them. It was demolished in Hurricane Harvey, but our new garden area, called The Grassroom, is simply amazing and a tribute to all those who worked so hard throughout the years. See More

Hurricane Harvey: Kolter’s Road to Recovery

We can’t celebrate Kolter’s 60 years of strength and love of community without acknowledging one of its biggest events — Hurricane Harvey. Watch this inspiring video and read details of our journey to our new school building. See More

Let’s Celebrate!

HISD produced a video celebrating Kolter’s 60 years, which included generations of Kolter students! See More