Covid has things ever-changing this year. Here’s the latest updates.

  • We are in our fourth 6-weeks of school. School started Sept. 8 as virtual learning for 6 weeks and is now face-to-face.
  • HISD changed the grading period from every 9 weeks to 6 weeks for this year.
  • Always be on the look out for Principal Dickinson’s emails notifying of presumed and positive Covid cases at Kolter. She also sends the most updated HISD info and protocols.
  • Ms. Dickinson or a member of the front-desk team will contact the parent if their child needs to switch to virtual due to possible Covid exposure at Kolter.
  • Parents have the option to opt out of face-to-face instruction for a semester or the entire school year, but they must attend a virtual class and sign an agreement with HISD
  • All parents can take an HISD course that’s an introduction to virtual learning
  • For more information about HISD COVID cases, visit the COVID-19 Dashboard at