Jennie Katharine Kolter

In 1959, Jennie Katherine Kolter was a teacher at Poe Elementary. On Sept. 15 that year, a father attempted to enroll his son in second grade at the school, but was denied since he lacked birth and health certificates. He returned soon after and approached the playground with a briefcase in hand. Sensing something ominous, Jennie Kolter approached him and began to usher children and teachers back into the building. The disgruntled man ignored demands by the principal and others to leave the school grounds and ultimately detonated the briefcase containing dynamite, claiming the lives of six people, including Jennie Kolter.

As a result of their courage and bravery, Jennie Kolter and others are credited for saving the lives of many. The following year, two new campuses were opened in HISD. One was named in honor of Jennie Katherine Kolter and the other for James Arlie Montgomery, a Poe Elementary custodian who also lost his life.

Through our everyday activities at Kolter Elementary, we are proud to shape our youngest members of the community into proud citizens and reflections of all that Jennie Kolter’s legacy embodies.