Kolter’s Magnet Program

Since 1985, Kolter students have been exposed to foreign languages and cultures in the school’s magnet program. We are grateful to have such a varied program and cherish the incorporation of language and culture in our curriculum. Chinese, French, and Spanish (and originally also Japanese) are offered for all grades and the program focuses on language skills and cultural awareness. Students learn about culturally relevant art history, traditions, cuisine, and the replication of techniques used by famous Chinese, French, and Spanish artists and craftsmen. The foreign language magnet program at Kolter is a favorite amongst students and the exposure to cultures around the world provides an expanded learning experience.

From biking in the Tour de Kolter to making Empanadas to dancing along with the Chinese Lion Dancers to our very own International Festival (I-fest!), Kolter Cougars have a global elementary school experience unlike any other! Here are some photos over the years!